PACCON 2017 Green Convergence on Chemical Frontiers
February 2-3, 2017 Centra Government Complex Hotel & Convention Centre

PACCON 2017 Abstract

Session AuthorAbstract Title
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1147) Supunnee Duangthong A simple and rapid on-line spectrophotometric determination of copper
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1116) Suphakorn Katib Microfluidic paper-based devices (uPADs) for determination of ascorbic acid in tropical fruits in Thailand
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1163) Somkiat Toboonpha Enantiomeric separation of 1-phenylethanols by gas chromatography using acetylated gamma-cyclodextrin as stationary phase
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1471) Maneerat Ruangnun Assessment Methods for Hevea brasiliensis Latex Foaming for Foam Production Process
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1435) Nattakamol Mongkol Determination of Cadmium in water samples by Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction Combined with UV–Visible spectrophotometry
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1416) Jittiporn Ngampraserd Determination of Silver (I) by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) preconcentration and UV-Visible spectrophotometric detection
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID130) Phennapha Chancharoen Development and validation of a stability indicating HPLC method for determination of doxycycline hyclate in bulk and capsules
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1083) Nontanant Grobutr Chronoamperometric biosensor for cholesterol based on nickel hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles-gold nanowires -carbon nanotube-chitosan scaffolds modified on screen printed carbon electrode
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1082) Angkana Narongrit Development of electrochemical sensor using bismuth deposited gold- nanowire modified carbon nanotube on screen printed electrode for determination of arsenic (III)
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3338) Supitchaya Ruadreaw A low-cost iron (II) test kit for wastewater analysis using smartphone color capture application
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3333) Sirinya Kanjanapanasont An economical test kit for determination of orthophosphate in wastewater
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3332) Kongpat Jirapisaisuk Simultaneous determination of nitrate and nitrite using membraneless gas-separation microfluidic paper-based analytical device
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3301) Voranuch Somsongkul Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of electrodeposited TiO2 thin films
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID462) Sirirat Phaisansuthichol Determination of Ochratoxin A in cereals by LC-MS/MS with QuEChERSb extraction
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1026) Wipharat - Chuachuad Chaiyasith Determination of Residue Carbofuran in Water, Food grains and Vegetables by Spectrophotometry for the Development of Simple Screening Carbofuran Test Kit
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1075) Supawitch Hoijang Volatile compounds of Khiaosawoey mango twigs by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1064) Dussadee Rattanaphra Determination of rare earth elements in the decomposition process of Thai monazite ore samples by wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1058) Chochanon Moonla The modification of screen printed electrode with Cu-MnO as arsenic sensor
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1544) Rasamee Chaisuksant Bacterial sensing by adsorptive stripping cyclic voltammetry
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1546) Retno - Prasetia Colorimetric Detection of Cysteine using Silver-hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID810) Suphanan Sununta Determination of creatinine in urine samples using microfluidic paper-based analytical devices
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID789) Apapond Jirasirichote Method Development for Determination of Carbofuran Using Graphene Oxide and Gold Nanoparticles Modified on Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID763) Zvi C. Koren Green chemistry of the ancient dyer investigated via analytical chromatography
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID756) PROMPORN KEERATIISARIYAKUL The wicking study of food color based on electrophoresis cotton-based device
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID818) Veeramol Vailikhit Ferroin Photometry by Smart Phone Camera and Application.
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1693) Watchara - Kaewsuwan A magnetic adsorbent of octadecyl/silica/magnetite nanoparticles for the extraction of tetracyclines from water samples
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID948) Patawee Leepitakrat Simple-colorimetric method for determination of total flavonoids in Miang, a traditional fermented tea leaf (Camellia sinensis var. assamica)
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID871) Sukpiriya Meesin Development and dose evaluation of alanine dosimeter using boric acid as a binder
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID854) Siriwan Teepoo simple colorimetric for the detection of total capsaicin in chili from Nakhon Ratchasima Province
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID746) Tik - Ouiram An application of H2O2 biosensor with anti-AFP for tumor marker immunosensor
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID726) Kamonthip Sereenonchai A turbidimetric sequential injection system for the analysis of sodium chloride in fish sauces
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID429) Sarawut Somnam Development of hydrodynamic sequential injection system for online liquid-liquid extraction using mobile phone as the detector
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1672) Piyaluk - Nurerk A new solid phase extraction sorbent for the extraction of aflatoxins from corn samples
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1635) jutaporn keson Hydrogel sensor for ammonium nitrate detection
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1634) Lalitphan Hongtanee Development of urinary albumin and creatinine detection kit
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID430) Miki Kanna The application of the mobile phone as the detector for flow-based titrimetric analysis
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID444) Rayakorn Nokkaew Validation for Rapid Analysis of Oil Palm Bunch by Microwave Heating Combined with Multistage Solvent Extraction under Magnetic Stirring
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID687) Patcharee Pripdeevech Analysis of volatile odor compounds in dark roasted Arabica coffee beans from Chiang Rai by using solid phase microextraction- gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID654) Thikhamporn Uppalabat Determination of acetone by a colorimetric method based on gold nanoparticles
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID563) Mananya Laosuksakul Paper-based fluorescence assays of CYP450 activities using portable microscope
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3241) Kalaya Changkrueng Uranium-thorium and rare earth separation by using cation exchange resin with electron deposition
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1066) Uthaiwan Injarean Rare earth elements and thorium analysis of geological samples by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2063) Thichakorn Sungoradee Electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers as fiber coating in solid phase microextraction
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3239) Akekachai Sakuludomsak Synthesis polypyrrole doped with hydroquinone monosulfonate as a pH sensor for flow injection potentiometric titration
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2018) Sakhiran Sakulwech Validated determination of hyaluronic acid by UPLC-UV for pharmaceutical products
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2009) Nantaya Manthong Development of flow injection analysis with colorimetric detector
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2067) Sira Sansuk A simple green enrichment approach for the determination of anionic analytes based on electrostatically driven assembly
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2088) Orawan Kritsunankul Spectrophotometric determination of Mg2+ and Zn2+ with a synthetic Schiff base of 4-chloro-2-(quinolone-8-yliminometyl)
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2206) Saowapak Teerasong Single drop analysis of hydroquinone using screen – printed graphene electrode
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2200) Arjnarong Mathaweesansurn Method development for quantitative analysis of uric acid in urine using an ‘in-house’ LED spectrometer
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2185) Dedy H.B. Wicaksono Size-based particles processing using microfluidic fabric-based analytical device
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2106) Bussaba Boonseng Application of a synthetic Schiff base of 4-bromo-2-(quinolone-8-yliminomethyl)-phenol in ethanol for the determination of Mg2+ and Zn2+ by spectrophotometric method
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1936) SETH DOE-PUPLAMPU Detection of Cyanide in Water by Environmentally Friendly Colorimetry with Digital Image Analysis
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1923) Manassawee Janrod Paper-based analytical device for colorimetric determination of oxalate
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1733) Somsak Sirichai Fast electrophoresis chip analysis of ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin in pharmaceutical formulations
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1732) Chulalak Damphathik An electrochemical sensor for the determination of artemisinin based on screen-printed carbon electrode
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1731) Matthanee Meesap Method development for the determination of alkanolamines using high performance liquid chromatography
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1719) Nidup Wangdi Determination of hypochlorite by using membraneless gas-separation microfluidic paper-based analytical device
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1756) Jatuporn Duangtong Development of an electrochemical sensor for the determination of carbofuran in vegetable samples
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1780) Masinee Saowadee Development of chemiluminescence system for determination of total antioxidant content in beverages
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1903) Arnupab Kritanusorn A novel colorimetric method for determination of formaldehyde using gold nanoparticles modified with 4-aminophenyl sulfone on paper based devices
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1872) Kochaporn Chullasat A fluorescence probe based on molecularly imprinted polymer coated on CdTe quantum dots for a selective determination of amoxicillin
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID1863) Naphat Yuphintharakun Chemical sensor based on the fluorescence quenching of CdTe quantum dots for the determination of lead ions
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2223) Anittaya Kanghae Analysis of volatile compounds in fermented soybeans prepared by Bacillus subtilis and Rhizopus oligosporus
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2033) Tavivan Kaenjun A spectrophotometric determination of the pesticide o-phenylphenol at the ppb level
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3109) Rungrudee Srisomang Chemical analysis of major constituents from Ban Dung rock salt
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3028) Karma Wangmo Thermospray flame furnace atomic absorption spectrometry for the determination of manganese and lead: use of organic solvents and air as carrier
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3013) Natthida Somboon A colorimetric analysis for determination of sodium ion in urine samples
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2997) Pichayanun Sinthuprasert Fluorescence derivative as a fluorescence sensor for cyanide detection in aqueous samples
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3118) Petcharat Sirisakwisut Utilization of orchid extract for determination of copper (II) ion using flow injection analysis system
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3157) Benjarat Tasangtong Capillary electrophoresis method for determination of three nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in pharmaceutical formulation
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3234) Nanthaphong Khamthong Quantitative analysis of 4,7-dimethoxy-5-methyl-1,3-benzodioxole in Antrodia camphorata extracts by TLC-densitometric method
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3223) Jarita Klunghirun continuous flow analysis of ammonia using gas diffusion and polypyrrole-modified electrode
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2249) Palalya Jaruphan Factors influencing the formation of sediment from seasoning soy sauce
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2984) Panumas - Yaemmak Microfluidic system incorporating to optical sensor for determination of acetaminophen
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID3205) Nararat Thongsrinoon Analysis of benzoic acid in curry paste samples by ultrasonic extraction and high performance liquid chromatography
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2467) Sung Won Kwon Hyphenated technique based metabolomics approach for the pathogenesis of respiratory diseases
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2262) Tanin Tangkuaram The development of cholesterol biosensor based on cholesterol oxidase implanted in the matrix of scaffolds film modified on screen printed carbon electrode
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2970) Natthaya Siangdee Design and invent explosives detection system based on smartphone
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2681) Yuwanit Sunakkarat Vortex and surfactant assisted low density solvent liquid-liquid microextraction for liquid chromatographic determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2268) Anuwat Ratsamisomsi Application of vortex assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction followed by gas chromatography-flame ionization detection for acrylamide determination in fried fruits
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2860) Dusita Phrommongkol A colorimetric paper-based glucose analysis test kit by camera cell phone detection
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2849) Wiboon Praditweangkum Spot test on paper for quantitative determination of chloride in tap water
Analytical Chemistry (AN) (ID2791) APICHART BOONMALAI A potentiometric microtitration method for the determination of ethanol residue in biodiesel samples
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2930) Promporn Reangchim Effect of Sn modification on Ni catalyst for deoxygenation of stearic acid
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2991) Jedsada Maliwong Efficient oxidation of benzyl alcohol mediated by palladium chloride impregnated on aluminium oxide-pillared clay
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID3007) Rawiwan Komkaew Iron oxide-pillared clay catalyst for oxidation of benzyl alcohol
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2944) Sauwalak Wassanapadit Iron oxide-pillared clay catalyzed the synthesis of bromosilane
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2921) Mattawan Hiranchansook Effect of CoMo Bimetallic Catalysts on Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol as Bio Oil Model Compound
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2754) Sakkarin Du-a-man Modified Wacker Oxidation of Ethylene to Acetaldehyde on Cellulose-Aluminum Oxide Composite
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID3065) Banhan Khanchai Hydrogen-rich syngas production from biogas reforming by gliding arc plasma-catalyst minireactor
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2832) Tarit Usahanunth Production of Hydrocarbon Feedstocks from Pyrolysis of Natural Rubber and Scrap Tyre: Preliminary Study
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2922) Piyarat trikittiwong Synthesis of bromosilane catalyzed by palladium chloride impregnated on aluminium oxide-pillared clay
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID752) Tanakorn Wonglakhon A DFT study of proton dissociation constant of hydroxypyridine derivatives and the proton-responsive Cp*Ir(III) complexes and their implication for CO2 hydrogenation
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID724) SAKONWATT AYARAAKOM Preparation of Ru-Co catalysts over mixed supports for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (IDO_020) Win Win Mar Study on the electrical conductivity degradation of an antistatic additives doped- jet fuel over fuel storage
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2647) Paphatsara Sirikulbodee CO carburization effect on catalytic performance of iron-based catalyst in FTS using CO and CO2 hydrogenation
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID825) Sirawit Shetsiri Catalytic conversion of bioethanol to light olefins over hierarchical HZSM-5 nanosheets
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID705) Rachatawan Yaisamlee Acetalization of glycerol with acetone over sulfonic beta catalyst
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID3129) Chanathip Thumcharoen Production of Lubricating Base Oil from Plastic Pyrolysis: Preliminary Study
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID3163) Nitchakul Hongloi Synthesis and characterization of nickel catalysts for production of green diesel from palm fatty acid distillate
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID3190) Saowaluk Intarasiri Cycle time of polymerization and chain growth probability in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over Cobalt supported silica catalyst
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID3074) Chalinee Uppala Enhancement of Catalytic Stability of Ruthenium-Copper-Based Catalysts for the Epoxidation of Propylene to Propylene Oxide
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1615) Supanut Ketaniruj Heterolytic C-H Activation of Propane using Chromium Single-Site Heterogeneous Catalyst
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1440) Natthapong Satitpoom The effect of potassium addition on acidity of Y-zeolite catalysts
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1604) Kittisak Choojun The Improvement of Cobalt Supported on Silica Catalysts Prepared by Strong Electronic Adsorption for Cyclohexane Dehydrogenation
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1610) Ploynisa Phichitsurathaworn Deoxygenation of heptanoic acid over cobalt supported silica catalysts
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1385) kodchakon kun-asa Pyrolysis of palm oil in a continuous flow microchannel reactor
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1366) Suparoek - Henpraserttae Effect of support toward the catalytic activities of Ni-based catalysts
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2439) Tawatchai Siriprapaiwan Effect of Zr and Mn promoter on the physicochemical properties and FTS performance of cobalt supported silica catalyst
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1351) Maliwan Subsadsana Synthesis and catalytic performance of bimetallic NiW- and NiMo-ZSM-5/MCM-41 composites for production of biofuels
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1185) Sasiradee Jantasee Development of starches as support of metallocene catalyst for ethylene polymerization
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1616) Monchanok Chanthawong Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over potassium hexatitanate-based catalysts
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1438) setthawat sitthithai The Catalytic Conversion of Ethanol to Gasoline with High Performance.
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2231) Sirintra Arayawate Effect of support on Ni catalyst used for ethanol steam reforming reaction
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2302) Wachiraporn Kettum Development MPr-SO3H-KIT-6 catalyst for furfural production
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID2417) Suntorn Sangsong The effect of preparation method on Ni/Ce/Al catalyst for high temperature water-gas shift reaction
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1792) Sareerat Thongsrigate Effects of platinum loading on YSZ and preparation method on non-faradaic electrochemical modification of catalytic activity (NEMCA) on propane oxidation
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1806) Nopporn Sirisaypirun Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in Fixed-bed reactor over Ru-promoted Co/SiO2 catalysts
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1648) Patcharee Jutaliketwong Deoxygenation of heptanoic acid over alloyed-Pt catalysts: Model of terminal olefins production from fatty acids
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1622) Korawich Trangwachirachai Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Propane to Propylene over Gallium Loaded HZSM-5
Sustainable Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CP) (ID1716) Thanasak Solos Catalytic deoxygenation of glycerol to 1-propanol over zeolite and supported Ni catalysts in sequential bed system
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2908) Kanjarat Sukrat Using the dye extracted from Gardenia carinata Wall. for the coloring of cotton yarn, by comparison, the binding of dye with chemical and natural mordants
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2904) Kohei Fujimori Rapid removal of pharmaceuticals from water by surfactin-enhanced coagulation-flotation method using sodium dodecyl sulfate
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID3067) Jose Jr. Hidalgo Bergantin Gold thin film chemiresistor sensor for gaseous elemental mercury
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2847) adisak jaturapiree Eco-dyeing using banana sap as a natural mordant for natural dye
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID3096) Boonyong Punantapong Effect of distribution of the electric charge density in the viscoelastic fluid towards the micro-channel flow in membrane context
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2658) Pensiri Akkajit The study of historical contamination of tin (Sn) in sediments at the Bang-Yai River estuary, Phuket Province
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID3105) Thanakamon Suandokmai Chromium (VI) removal and recovery from electroplating wastewater by ion exchange
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2654) Panida Nantakasemkan Removal of 17 alpha-methyltestosterone in synthetic wastewater with UVC and Salvinia based reactor
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2750) Khanita Hathaisamit Preparation of Commercial TiO2 Coated on Activated Carbon for Decolorization of Methyleneblue
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2781) Kulthida Wasino Selective adsorption of volatile organic compounds from humid air using surface-modified activated carbon
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2815) Anawat Pinisakul Heavy metal removal from wastewater by chemical precipitation
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID95) Satit Phiyanalinmat Investigation of Sr/TiO2 Photocatalysts for Benzoic acid Photodegradation
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID957) Bunsita Kong-gij Hemp stem-derived activated carbon for tar and nicotine adsorption in cigarette filter
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID769) Peerapong Pornwongthong Occurrence of 1,4-Dioxane in Effluents of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in Bangkok, Thailand
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID968) Rungrote Kokoo Simulation of product formation from ozonolysis of monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID980) Ratana - Sananmuang Removal of reactive dyes (Yellow 145, Red 195 and Blue 222) by chitosan extracted from Esanthelphusaspp. Sayamiaspp. and activated carbon prepared from Mimosa pigra L. coated with chitosan
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (IDP_036) Sonexay Xayheungsy Gamma spectroscopic analysis and associated radiation hazards of building material used in Vientiane capital, Lao PDR
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID604) Jing Guo Perfluorinated compounds in a coastal industrial area of Ningbo, China
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID438) Charuwan Khamkaew Removal of inorganic arsenic species in seaweed Gracilaria fisheri by using typical edible eluents
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID3240) Werapong Fongbeer Pransuk Effect of production parameters on the kinetic viscosity and others fuel properties of biodiesel prepared from waste cooking oil
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID3328) songsiri Suwannee Adsorption of Congo red onto modified rice husk from aqueous solution
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID393) Pimsuda Pansangat Effect of parameters on simultaneous H2 production and biodiesel wastewater remediation by photocatalytic oxidation via TiO2 (P25)
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID3183) Buntita Jomhataikool Humic substance extraction from leonardite, lignite Mae Mho Mine by base-acid treatment process
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2610) Tanaree Buaphean Equilibrium, kinetics and mechanism of adsorption basic red 2 dye onto modified chitosan with commercial detergent solution as adsorbent
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1613) Nisakorn Thongkon Adsorption isotherm and kinetics of nonylphenol by chemically modified fish scales of Rastrelliger neglectus as low- cost adsorbents
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1630) Amornrat Meedam Removal of glycerides from rice bran acid oil by hydrolysis with subcritical water
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1644) Nopparat Plucktaveesak The Preparation of Modified Chitosan Beads and Their Efficiency in Heavy-metal Ion Removal
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1704) Jirakit Paiyarat Consecutive removal of basic dye and reactive dye using biological sludge from wastewater treatment process
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1588) Treeranut Srisunont Study on water quality in extensive shrimp farming at Bangkhuntein District, Bangkok
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID127) sopanat khongsripraphan Using Eichhornia crassipes to adsorb Eriochrome Black T: Equilibrium and Thermodynamic
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1017) Paphawarin Srichan Characterization of Copper(II) at Nanochitosan -Schiff Base Modified Electrode
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1002) Suwanit Koonawat Chemical recycling of degradable poly(lactic acid) employing alcoholysis reaction of glycerol
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1171) Sattabongkot Yodkeaw The Treatment of High Concentration Nitrogen by Phytoremediation Process Using Water Hyacinth (Eichnornia crassipes Mart.Solms.) and Coontail (Ceratophyllum demersum L.)
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1193) Thanatchaporn - Kasempong Cellulose based composite as membrane for chromium (III) removal
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2570) Jedsada Manyam Fluorescence sensor array for rapid detection of heavy metal ions
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1821) Acharaporn Kumsopa Effects of temperature and pH on cadmium and lead adsorption by bagasse from a sugar production plant
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1210) Siriwit Buajarern Development of magnetic rubber beads for oil and gasoline sorbents
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2344) Khamphe - Phoungthong The effect of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics and leachate behaviours of sewage sludge biochar
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2314) Pravitra Chandranupap Effects of cellulase enzyme and nonionic surfactant on deinking of xerographic and laser-printed paper
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2373) Pravitra Chandranupap Deinking of noncontact-printed office waste paper with hemicellulase enzyme along with Tween-80 surfactant
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2446) Sunisa Sawang Kinetics and mechanism of using chitosan and silica as adsorbents for removal aqueous humic acid
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1924) Doan Chon Tien Adsorption of heavy metal using different functionalized carbon microsphere adsorbents from xylose
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2313) Boonsom Porntepkasemsan Isotopic signatures in meteoric waters of Bangkok, Thailand
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1964) Prawit Nuengmatcha Iron removal from synthetic aqueous solution using amino functionalized commercial silica gel as adsorbent
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1954) Woottipong Prakongwittaya Effect of Calcium Carbide Residue on the Properties of Compacted Clay and Water Treatment Residue
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID1969) Winyu Chitsamphandhvej Volatile organic compounds of charcoal combustion smoke
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2146) Nitipon NOIPOW Contamination and Distribution of Nitrate in the Groundwater System of Limestone Aquifers in Saraburi – Lopburi Karst Area, Central Thailand
Environmental Chemistry (EN) (ID2183) Wutthikrai Kulsawat Using stable isotopes to identify water sources for rice paddy field in Suphanburi, Thailand
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3219) Thanyalak Theerapornkittikul Effect of packaging on quality of boiled mackerel
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3265) Napaporn Youngvises Preliminary design of automatically antioxidant capacity analyzer based on ABTS assay
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3266) Thanatcha Chaida Development of a gas diffusion unit incorporating to flow injection analysis for determination of total cyanide in plant extract
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3186) Thaneeya Hawiset Perchlorate analysis of vegetables grown in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2964) Kotchakorn Limungkoon Effect of drying temperature on antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of coffee pulp extract
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3299) Tulakorn Manakhajornvej Application of High Electric Field Pulses for plant cell disintegration
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2955) Pensri Penprapai Total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of coconut oil with extracted some curcuma species in Thailand
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3063) Wimonsiri - Tanomsridachchai Developing In-House electronic nose for adulteration detection of Jasmine rice
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3180) Dachapong - Sakdirat The effect of degummed procedure on crude palm oil properties and biodiesel product
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3068) Kamolchanok Limpalasook Application of natural color from mango leaf in natural rubber
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID938) Napatsorn Wongpriaw Analysis of Chlorpyrifos and some toxic heavy metals in vegestables from Chiang Khan district Loei province
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2907) Kannika Pongsakul Antioxidant activity and quantitative analysis of Thiamine from some types of rice for its application as nourishing skin cream.
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3339) jariya - sai-iad Stability and fatty acid composition of blends oil between Peanut oil and coconut oil from cold extraction method
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID703) Winrawee Kanprakobkit Hydrolysis of Capsaicin Using Immobilized Enzymes
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID448) Wannee Srinuttrakul Arsenic, cadmium and lead contents in polished rice samples
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID517) Pasinee Chaichana Chemical Constituents and Antioxidant Activity of Camellia sinensis var. assamica
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3307) Aphichart Karnchanatat Free radical scavenging properties and DNA damage protecting of peptide hydrolysate derived from edible mushroom Astraeus hygrometricus
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID3226) Malee Likitchaikul Effect of Rain-Fed and Surface Drip Irrigation by Efficiency of Fertilizers and Rice Husk Ash of Cassava Var HB 80 in Late and Early Rainy Seasons
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1931) Thachawech Kimprasit Proximate analysis and chemical composition of alternative dog snack supplemented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Mao berry pomace
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1977) ATTAPORN ROYTHIN Effect of Packaging Material on Inhibitory Migration of Fishy Odor of Dried Squid
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1996) Kittipon Chantawongsatorn Rapid pre-purification of the bacteriocin-like inhibitory substance from Pediococcus acidilactici TISTR 2309
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2072) Kangsadan BOONPRAB Partially purified insulin production from Tuna pancreas from canning processing plant waste
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1796) Sirilux Chaijamrus Effect of freezing temperature and sucrose on pore size of microfibril cellulose
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2906) Suthasinee Lamsunthia Total Phenol and Flavanoid Contents, Antioxidant, and Antibacterial Activities of Delonix regia and Swiestenia mahogany
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1159) Utisawadee Khamjumphol Content of amylose, amylopectin, vitamin B (B1 and B2), iron and phosphorus in various corn varieties in Loei Province
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1178) Jutathip Naksri Application of crude proteolytic enzyme extract from fresh rhizome ginger to produce coconut oil
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1446) Niramol Srichana Determination of heavy metals in lotus tea products
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2112) Aumaree - Dueanchai Comparison of Amylose and Starch Contents between Awn Seed and Un-Awn Seed of Upland Rice (var. Pae Taw Gaw Bi) at Prachuap Khiri Khan Province
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1858) Mayoon Lamsub Content of Copper, Lead and Cadmium in Some Local Vegetable Samples from the South of Thailand
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2211) Methika Leeparikhon COLORIMETRIC METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF ETHANOL IN GAS PHASE
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2805) Heechan Yoon Fermentative Production of mevalonate by a microorganism
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2113) Sirirat Suprit Chemical properties of blended oil containing coconut oil and sacha inchi oil or peanut oil by cold extraction
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2201) Prodpran Thakeow Angeli A Simple and Rapid Method Based on Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry to Determine Rancidity of Crispy Pork Rinds
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID287) Sirirat Chanvaivit The optimum conditions for extraction of fatty acids from Mon Thong durian seed kernel and analysis by gas chromatography-flame ionization detector
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2129) Jitmanee Srisookaiyaka Antimicrobial effect and application of exopolysaccharide film from Aureobasidium pullulans YTP6-14 with cinnamaldehyde
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID1080) Wipharat Saimo Effect of hydrocolloids on physicochemical properties of Thai northern style sausages
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2120) Benjamad - Khunrang The effect of fatty acid composition and total phenolic content to stability of blends oil between fish oil and coconut oil with have antioxidant from fresh ginger from cold extraction method
Sustainable Food and Agricultural Chemistry (FA) (ID2142) Jariya Sai-iad Application of blended oil containing coconut oil and peanut oil as frying oil with high stability to heating
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2919) Narita - WongKongKham The Comparison of Firing Temperature on Physicals Properties of Crystalline Glaze for Stone Ware Body.
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID3081) Ittipat Subsaipin Simulation of biodiesel production from PFAD using a reactive distillation
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2857) Jedsadaporn Sittipranee Design of Carotenoids Extraction Process from Crude Palm Oil Using Green Solvent
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2855) Waritnun Wanchan CFD Simulation of Flow Behavior in an Immiscible Liquid Stirred Tank: Effect of Turbulence and Drag Models
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID3144) Sakdiphon Thiansem Development of Refractory-Porous Granular for Thermal Insulating Material on Ceramic Kiln
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2785) Supawadee Ratchasombat Influence of Bubble Size on Hydrodynamic in a Gas-Liquid-Solid Three Phase Fluidize Bed Reactor
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID3311) Supaporn Pookok Colorant removal process for polypropylene waste
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID773) Nattawit Chongsuphajaisiddhi Tarnchalanukit Water-Dispersible Carbons for Ordinary Portland Cement
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID639) Thitima Khunyotying Development of The additional Agriculture Byproducts for Increasing Clay-Body Porosity in the Making of Ceramic Water Filters
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2703) Lida Simasatitkul Investigation of hydrocarbons detector process for steam condensate from heat exchanger in an Aromatics Production Units
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID3254) Sumonman Niamlang The fabrication of vietnamosasa pusilla fiber reinforced thermoplastic for green composite applications
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID3212) Kasem Payuhadechapipat Synthesis the combination of gold nanoparticles-kojic acid for antimelanin activity
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2881) Soravich - Mulinta Effect of Firing Condition of Reduction Atmosphere on Physicals Properties of Copper Red Glaze for Automatic Kiln
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1467) Nawaphat Jongpaijit Computational fluid dynamics simulation of industrial fluidized bed reactors for propylene polymerization
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1468) Thirasit Kusolsongtawee Modeling and Simulation of Gas-Phase Polymerization Process for Linear Low Density Polyethylene Production
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1638) Mintra Aupahad Simulation of Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) Process for Power Generation
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1361) Mahinsasa Prabhachandra Rathnayake Low temperature sulfur dioxide capture using coal fly ash as solid sorbent
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1267) Nathasak Sinlikhitkul Preservation of plumbagin by using inclusion complex: Freeze drying recovery of inclusion complex
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2474) Kwon Taek Lim Preparation of Water-soluble, Blocked diisocyanates and Their Use in Waterborne Adhesive Application
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID3146) Kankanit Kitsahawong Selection of suitable feedstocks for dimethyl ether production based on CO2 utilization
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1724) siriporn aeamsuksai Process simulation of sodium methoxide production from methanol and sodium hydroxide using reactive distillation
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1543) Rachata Prasomsup Use of metal mesh to increase absorption efficiency of volatile organic compound in microchannel
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID2155) Chutikan Sae-tae Synthesis of 7-hydroxy-4-chloromethyl coumarin grafted with indole-3-butyric acid
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1807) Parada jungsura Synthesis of 7-hydroxy-4-chloromethyl Coumarin In Stirred Tank Reactor
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1906) Phisit Wirikulcharoen Bimetallic NiCu/HZSM-5 Catalyst in hydroprocessing of palm fatty acid distillate for green fuel production
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1887) Weerinda Appamana Intensification of biodiesel synthesis from refined palm oil in a spinning disc reactor
Industrial Chemistry and Innovations (IC) (ID1848) Tanutporn Laosuttiwong Effect of mixer types on biodiesel production
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3052) Natthakorn Phadungsak Novel Anionic Bimetallic Metal-Organic Frameworks with New Topology
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3030) Karthik Chandrasekaran The effect of metal-binding on the luminescence response of a tris-cyclometalated iridium complex
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3057) Weerinradah Tapala Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using Jatropha curcas L. leaf extract and their antibacterial activity
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3066) Chaiyos Chankaew Aqueous kaffir lime leaves extract - mediated synthesis of Ag/AgCl nanoparticles
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3090) Niramon Worasith Origins of the low field signals in the EPR spectra of kaolin minerals
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3122) Bachari Rotsut Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of New Schiff Base Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2764) Sutana Sawanit Syntheses, characterization and Hirshfeld surface analyses mononuclear and dinuclear copper(I) complexes
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3161) Goeun Choi Vectorized inorganic nanovehicle for targeted delivery of anticancer agent
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2757) Suchada Denpetnong BiFeO3/Bi2O3 photocatalyst for dye degradation under visible light
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2903) Thanittha Pongsakul Two Isomorphous 3D Anionic Lanthanide Metal-Organic Framework with a 66 Dimondoid Topology
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2905) KENIKA KHOTCHASANTHONG A Two-Fold Interpenetrated 3D Metal-Organic Framework with rtl-c Topology
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2909) Thanakit Sirimahasal Synthesis and Characterization of Bismuth Oxo Compounds Supported on TiO2 Photocatalysts for Waste Water Treatment
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2916) Kavin Teenakul Zinc oxide nanoparticles synthesis by arc discharge on zinc solution
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID748) Panchanit Piyakeeratikul Influence of Metals towards CO2 Separation and Storage properties of Metal-organic Framework (MOFs)
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID907) Go Nagai (Imido)vanadium(V) and Half-Titanocene Complexes Containing Anionic N-Heterocyclic Carbenes That Contain a Weakly Coordinating Borate Moiety (WCA-NHC): New Efficient Olefin Polymerization Catalysts
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID905) Saowalak Phikulthai Adsorption of ammonia on zirconium-based metal-organic framework: A combined experiment and theoretical study
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID921) Takuya Omiya Synthesis and Some Reactions of Niobium(V) Complexes Containing Chelate Tris(aryloxo)amine Ligands
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3327) Laddawan Boonglomglin Paraquat photodegradation on copper sulfide with different sulfur ratios
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2756) Pornsan Leaungseepret Synthesis, Crystal Structures of Nickel (II) and Cobalt (II) Complexes based on Benzoylacetonate and Imidazole Ligands and Antibacterial Activities
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID745) Vitsarut Tangsermvit Tunable acid-functionalized metal-organic frameworks for biomass conversion
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID704) Sureemas Meksawangwong Synthesis and Photophysical Characterization of Series of Aminoalkyl Tris-cyclometalated Iridium Complexes
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3329) Areeporn Ontam Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of ZnO-bentonite hybrid
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3330) Sonchai Intachai The optical properties of ZnS and CdS in organically modified layered double hydroxide
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3331) Teanchai Wiwasuku New Zn(II) and Cd(II)-Metal Organic Frameworks : Synthesis, Structures and Optical Properties
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID649) Anchalee Sirikulkajorn Colorimetric and fluorimetric sensors for cyanide ion detection from 3,6-disubstituted carbazole derivatives
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID3176) Saranphong Yimklan Rapid synthesis of a new polymorph of Cu-4,4ʹ-Oxybis(benzoate)
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2892) Kanokwan Pakpituk The synthesis and characterization of novel Tetrakis(4-butyloxyphenyl)phenylporphyrinatocopper(II) (CuTOBPP) complex and it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s thermal stability
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1565) Ryota Sakamoto Dissymmetric bis(dipyrrinato)zinc(II) complexes: rich variety and bright red to near-infrared luminescence with a large pseudo-stokes shift
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1504) Nanthawat Wannarit Novel 1D and 2D transition metal (Zn, Mn and Cd) coordination polymers constructed by dicyanoargentate(I) and 1-benzyimidazole ligand: Synthesis, characterizations and photoluminescent properties
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1664) Thammanoon Thaweechai Synthesis and characterization for graphene-TiO2 composite using the graphite intercalation compound as a graphene source
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1735) Thawanrat Saelim Synthesis, spectroscopic characterizations and X-ray structural studies of new one-dimensional Zn(II) and Co(II) coordination polymers containing 2-hydroxybenzoato and 4,4′-bipyridine ligands
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1944) phetlada kunthadee Electrochemical performance of protocatechuic acid ethyl ester as a new transition metal-selective ionophore in modified PVC-based membrane sensor
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1745) Matimon Sangsawang Two-dimensional Zn(II) metal-organic framework containing pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato bridging ligand: Synthesis, characterization, crystal structure, photoluminescent and catalytic properties
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1334) Suttinun Phongtamrug Synthesis of High-Quality Mineral Water for Potential Skincare Products
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1101) Worawaran Thongnuam A combined experiment and theoretical study on the aldol condensation on zirconium-based metal-organic framework functionalized by a sulfonic acid group
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2752) Sukanya Mingphimai Nickel(II) Complexes containing Dibenzonylmethanate and Imidazole Ligands ; Synthesis, Structure and Antibacterial Activity
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1152) Yurachat Janpatompong Investigation of Fe(III) spin crossover complexes using X-ray Crystallographic studies
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1194) Darunee Sertphon Solvent control spin crossover in [Fe(qsal-4-OMe)2]NCS⋅solvent
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1333) Nakadech Youngwilai Improved Synthesis method of SiO2@Ag Core-Shell for Detection of Toxic Metals in Water
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1221) Piboonwan - Insiti Synthesis and characterization of novel [Fe(qsal-X)2]OTs complexes
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2157) Suphaluk Jarutikorn “Turn On” Fluorescent Sensor with Highly Selective for Ag+ Detection in Aqueous Solution
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID1653) Watsapon Yimkaew Development of copper(I) and iron(II) N-Heterocyclic carbene complexes catalyzed the synthesis of n-butanol from ethanol
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2531) Nathapong Pangkom New EDTA-Based drug delivery carrier
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2624) Nutcha Nui Ponjan Utilization of Mixed Ligands for Construction of 3D Lanthanide Coordination Polymers: Temperature-Dependent Structure, Topology, and Photoluminescent properties
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2173) Teerapat Wattanapirojrat MnOx supported on hydrotalcite as catalysts for aerobic N-alkylation reaction of benzenesulfonamide with benzyl alcohol
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2491) Supaphorn - Thammakan Synthesis and Photoluminescence properties of Lanthanide benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate-oxalate frameworks
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID252) Subrata Das Structural basis for molecular recognition of N,N ́-dimethyl violuric acid and its metal derivatives
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2497) Songtham Ruangchaithaweesuk Combined Experimental and Computational Study of trans-cis Isomerization of Potassium Dioxalatodiaquachromate (III)
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2385) Monta Malaithong Gas sensor for alcoholic volatile organic compounds based on silver porphyrin molecular film
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2388) Tossapon Phromsatit A new series of 𝛽-nitro substituted copper(II) porphyrin complexes and the alcohol sensing application
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2284) Nirawit Kaewnok A novel highly selective “turn-on” fluorescence sensor for the determination of Cu(II) based on [5]helicene fluorophore
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2283) Worrapoj Klinpetch Determination of Hg2+ by FRET based on a Novel [5]-Helicene and Dirhodamine B Tris System
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2282) Sasiwimon Kraithong A highly selective and sensitive NBD-based fluorescent and colorimetric sensor for Hg2+ detection
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2352) Apinpus Rujiwatra Structures, gas adsorption behavior and photoluminescence of new microporous [Ln(C8H3NO6)(L)0.5(H2O)]∙3H2O (L = C8H4O4 or C8H4O4/C8H3NO6)
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2286) Oranual Hanmeng A novel napthalimide derivative efficient in on-off fluorescence sensor for determining Hg2+ ions
Inorganic Chemistry (IN) (ID2330) Phichitra Phiokliang Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and antimicrobial activities of mononuclear transition metal complexes containing benzoate and bipyridine chelating derivatives
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3020) Weenawan Somphon Preparation and characterization of chitosan-gelatin with Na2SO4 cross-linked for controlled-release of nitrofurantoin
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3036) Tanate Tubtimtong Surface modification of wood by 3-aminopropyltriethoxy silane and quaternary ammonium cation
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3055) Supamas Leah Wirunchit Influence of the annealing temperature on the organometallic halide perovskite phase formation in open air
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3048) Piyachat Chuysinuan Bilayer dressing of bacteria cellulose and poly(lactic acid) (PLA) electrospun fibers containing rice extract and essential oil for biomedical applications
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2971) Rungroj Chanajaree Investigation of CO2, N2, O2, CH4, Pure and in Air on Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-78: Molecular Simulations
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3006) Ronnakit Chaisuwan Investigation of electrospinning parameters on starch fiber processsability and morphology
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3058) Natsuda Palawat Effect of nano- and micro-sized silica on characteristics of thermoplastic starch
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2992) Sunanta Chuayprakong Influence of Soft Segment Molecular Weight on Nanoscale Segregation of Polyurea Ionomers
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3018) Benjawan Somchob Synthesis and photophysical study of multifluorinated charged iridium complexes
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3017) Yotsakorn Tantiapibalkun Green synthesis of water-soluble quantum dots for bio-medical imaging
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3019) Punyaporn Saengnuan The Preliminary Investigation of Eggshell-derived Hydroxyapatite for Bone Tissue Engineering
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3150) Chanapa Pantong The effects of ion implantation on crystal structure, optical and mechanical properties of natural spinel gemstone
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2961) prapapan khankham Fabrication and mechanical properties of green composites between water hyacinth fiber and paper mulberry
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3143) Pawina Anilabol Effects of polyethylene types on properties of polypropylene/polyethylene blends
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3151) Surangkana Wannapop Synthesis and characterization Ag doped on TiO2 by using cyclic-microwave
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3160) Yingpit Pornputtkul Preparation of Polyester Powder Coatings Containing Polyaniline for Anticorrosion Protection of Steel
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3173) Yanisa Sriwongjan Poly(2-Methoxyaniline-5-Sulfonic Acid) Water Soluble and Self-Doped Conducting Polymer as Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCl Medium
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3072) Narong Pungwiwat Temperature Effect on Lacquer Delamination of Food Can By Electrochemical Methods
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3062) Ployphailin Choksawad Investigation of synthesis parameters for tunable size of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticle using single emulsion method
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3077) Navaphun - Kayunkid Influence of Reaction Time on Formation of ITO Nanoparticles Synthesized by Hydrothermal method
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3087) ONSUDA ARAYAWUT Electronic properties of the pillared graphene nanostructures by self – consistent charge density functional based tight binding
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3107) Wilaiwan Supap Ethanol Oxidation Reaction of Nickel particles on Mesoporous Carbon
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3059) siriporn Tong-on An Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of Methylene Blue using Visible Light Responsive V-doped TiO2 Nanoparticles
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2725) Chalita Metheeparakornchai Controlled release osteopontin of hydrophilic poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) microparticles by layer-by-layer emulsion technique in dental application
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2675) Peerawith Sumtong Effect of temperature and times by hydrothermal carbonization process from sawdust and bagasse for carbon materials supporter
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2721) Patisorn Sonthirak Fabrication of injectable material for carrying protein loaded microsphere using in dental application
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2722) Wanlapa Natedungta Novel potentiometric urea biosensor based on urease-covalently immobilized polypyrrole/polyethylenimne hybrid film
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2793) Witayapan Nantitanon Hydroxyl scavenging and cytotoxicity of guava leaf extract encapsulated in chitosan nano-carrier
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2663) Sunisa Jindasuwan Top layer coating of latex cup to improve anti-adhesive property of rubber latex
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2662) Pongsak Hengniran Effect of production parameters on electrical properties of woodceramics made from oil palm frond
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2620) Atikarn Sumretfuangfoo Antimicrobial Properties of Chitosan / Cotton Gauze Fabric Wound Dressing Film Loaded with Citronella-Cyclodextrin
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3185) Rungnapa Pimsen Physical and mechanical properties of composite edible films from sago starch and bulk chitosan
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2644) Sopis Chuekachang Acetylene adsorption on Sc-, Ti-, V-, and Cr-doped boron nitride nanosheets: A theoretical study
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2648) Nichapa Yodkeeree Photoactalytic degradation activity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-poly(ethylene oxide)-TiO2 composite films
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2656) Kanyanat Tawatbundit Utilization of conjugated polymer nanoparticles in chemical sensing application; Study of blended MEH-PPV and polystyrene system
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2794) Phatcharin Phakphain Structural Study of Poly(lactic acid) Film with Microcrystalline Cellulose and Epoxidized Soybean Oil by Synchrotron X-ray Scattering
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2799) Panjaporn Wongwitthayakool Properties of rice husk ash silica filled prevulcanized deproteinized natural rubber latex film
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2887) Yanika Poonpipat Thermo-mechanical behavior and moisture absorption of silica nanoparticles reinforced CTBN/epoxy composite
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2591) Surawat Chariyakornkul Strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite reinforced with soda-lime glass waste: Mechanical properties and Phase evolution
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2889) Supissara Ruksanak The effect of cellulose surface modifications in toughening epoxy resin
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2925) Parinya Jitreewas Synthesis of PAA-PAMPS-PNaSS Terpolymers as Ultraviolet -Tagged Scale Inhibitor for Industrial Water Cooling System
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2927) Siriporn Pranee Synthesis of Poly(methylmethacrylate-co-2-vinylpyridine) via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization as Proton Exchange Membrane
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2874) Phanwatsa Amnaphiang Synthesis Zeolite X from kaolin by Hydrothermal for upgrading biodiesel
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2801) Parnuch Hongsawat Removal of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solution by magnetic graphene oxide.
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2814) Ohoon Kwon Fabrication of Heterostructed Nanoplate Cu2-xS@CuInS2 by Cation Exchange reaction
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2856) wapoon Tappanawatch Biodegradation of natural rubber reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals from corn cob
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2864) Darinee Phromyothin Electrochemical analysis of silver ion using carbon paste electrode and PCB gold electrode modified with Schiff base films
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID294) Eddy Mohd Farid Mohd Yusslee Synthesis and Characterization of Titanium Dioxide from Ilmenite Waste
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (IDO_039) NGIN Putheary Characterization of soybean lypoxygenese adsorbed on nanoporous rice husk silica
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID841) Natee Angboonpong Efficient synthesis of copper-based metal-organic framework using vortex fluidic device
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID829) santi rattanaveeranon Effect of latex rubber and rubber powder on bending strength
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID915) THITARAT PRATHUMSUWAN Water hyacinth-derived tunable fluorescent carbon dots and their luminescent properties for sensing applications
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID935) Insik In Simple Preparation of Soluble and Functional Low-Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID955) Siwat Thungprasert The Preparation and Characterization CuNi Catalysts Supported on Treated Carbon for PEMFC
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID812) Yuma Hirano A chemically stable TiO2 layer formation on NiTi alloy
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID797) Kritsada - Phatcharasit The effect of rubber on mechanical, thermal and morphological properties of natural rubber/polyethylene/epoxidized natural rubber blends
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID688) Nawinda Chinatangkul Design of experiment approach for fabrication process of electrospun shellac nanofibers using factorial designs
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID653) Kittipoom Wanitchayadamkerng Curcumin nanosuspension: Screening for antioxidant and antibacterial activities and study of protein adsorption
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID694) Banphot Jiangchareon Intracellular trafficking of different shaped oxidized carbon nanoparticles.
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID714) Phuri Kalnaowakul The Evaluation of Microstructure, Photocatalytic Activity and Antibacterial Properties of Ag NPs/TiO2 Coated on a welded Galvanized Steel
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID960) Fahrizal Adnan Photocatalytic activity of sol-gel synthesized-TiO2 to remove organic compounds
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3165) Nutchanat Thongsrikhem Gelatin film cross-linked with cinnamaldehyde for wound dressing application
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (IDP_171) NGUYEN Thi Le Thuy Nanolycopene production from Momordica cochinchinensis (Gac) fruit
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (IDP_170) Nguyen Thanh Liem Facile synthesis of carbon quantum dots by plasma - liquid interaction method
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (IDP_172) Chan Oeurn Chey Synthesis of ZnO nanowire by using rapid mixing hydrothermal method and its potential applications
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (IDP_173) Nguyen Tuan Anh Synergistic effect of multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) and chlorinated paraffin/antimony trioxide in improving the flame retardancy of epoxy nanocomposite
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2561) Rojana Pornprasertsuk Preparation of Pt/graphene and Pt-SnO2/graphene composite nanofibers for direct ethanol fuel cell application
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (IDP_169) Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc Silver nanoparticles-based SERS active paper substrates
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (IDO_038) Nay Thwe Kyi A comparative study on antibacterial screening of synthesized silver nanoparticles using carica papaya linn. leaves (papaya) and morinda citrifolia linn. leaves (noni) extracts
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2363) Kanrayasiri Kamhom A plasmonic colorimetric Mercury (II) sensor based on silver triangular nanoplates
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2650) Patcharakamon Nooeaid Physico-chemical and In Vitro Cytotoxic Properties of Alginate/Soy Protein Isolated Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2760) Apicha Thanatsiri Synthesis, Characterization and Optical Properties of Metal-Modified ZnO Hexagonal Plate
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3314) Kiattikhun Manokruang Injectable hydrogels derived from albumin- pH/thermo responsive poly(amino urethane) conjugates for lysozyme delivery
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID794) Soksreymeng Sdok Electrospun nanofibers of polylactide (PLLA)/ polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA) blends and their use as ammonia detecting kits in intelligent meat packaging
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID651) Kamolwan samkongngam XANES Studies on the Oxidation States of Copper Ion in Silicate Glass
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID514) Patcharaporn Thitiwongsawet Release of Thiram Fungicide From Electrospun Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber Mats
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3262) Ruethaithip Wisedsri Synthesis of magnetically recoverable rod like Bi2O3/-Fe2O3 composite with high photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3261) Suppalak Angkaew Effect of Prolonged Heating on Structural Transformation from Silver Nanowires to Twisted Nanowires during the Polyol Synthesis
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3275) Tanawadee Dechakupt Influence of bismuth oxide on properties of nickel manganite ceramics
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3297) Chanapa Kongmark Optimization of carbon nanotube synthesis via methane decomposition over Fe/MgO catalyst
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3259) Kwanjira Suwannarat Synthesis of AgAuPd nanocatalysts for reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3196) Kwanruen - Chanpeng Synthesis of quaternized kappa-carrageenan for transdermal delivery.
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3195) Amornrat Klaewkasikam Mesostructured strontium titanate synthesized via neutral-template self-assembly route
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3208) Chiraporn Srimun Development of Latent Fingerprints with Ebony Powder
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3215) Tipwipa Prantong Anticorrosion of cold rolled steel using polyaniline composite with TiO2
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3216) Pajaree - Rattanaburee The Correlation of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Content from Palm Oil Transesterification with Kinematic Viscosity
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3302) Nutnicha Ountulo Green synthesis of titanium dioxide from Siamese neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss. Var. Siamensis Valeton) leave extract
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID3310) Chonlada Suwanboon New method for determination of microbial diffusion from nanofiber membrane
Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID454) Panupong Srimalanon Mechanical, physical properties and antibacterial performance of PLA/PBS blends with additions of DCP and HPQM agents
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Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MS) (ID2382) Syaidah Md Saleh Reduced Graphene Oxide-Coated Cotton Fabric-Based Flexible Electrode for Electrocardiography
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Natural Products, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Applications (NP) (ID1709) Adam Charles Sedgwick Boronate based fluorescence probes for the detection of peroxynitrite
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Natural Products, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Applications (NP) (ID2550) Pratchaya Watthaisong Expression and purification of 4-hydroxy-2-keto-heptane-1, 7-dioate aldolase from Acinetobacter baumannii
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Natural Products, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Applications (NP) (ID238) Jittra Kornsakulkarn Bioactive Metabolites from Endophytic Fungus Phomopsis sp. BCC 45011
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Natural Products, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Applications (NP) (ID2075) techit plaksaguansri Improving heterologous expression of Streptomyces cytochrome P450 in Escherichia coli
Natural Products, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Applications (NP) (ID2055) Kamonlak - Insumrong Insumrong_Initial-Abstract.doc.
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID3181) Jutamad Bumrung Modeling, Design and Synthesis of Novel Fluorescence Sensor For the Detection of Cd2+
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2718) Myoung Ki Cho Two-Photon Fluorescent Bio-conjugate for Quantitative Imaging of Acidic pH in Endocytosis
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID1584) Yuttana Siriwattanasathien Structural modification of derrisisoflavone A, the major isoflavone from Derris scandens, and evaluation of nitric oxide inhibition
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID1862) Parichat Sawatteerakul Diastereoselective Michael Addition of 2-Nitrogalactal by Using Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate as an Activator
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID1015) Suwichan Majakorn Biological Activity of Isostere Vanillin Derivatives
Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID1119) Daniel Domenec Sanz Sharley Acetic Acid as a Catalyst for the Acylation of Amines using Esters as the Acyl Source
Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID1229) PEERA ACHARASATIAN The Ullmann-typed copper-catalyzed N-arylation in an ionic liquid medium
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2064) Kittisak - Thammapichai A Synthetic Study of Tabertinggine
Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID1431) Yu Otuka Synthesis of Visible Light Excitable Luminescence Complex Probe Based on Fluorescent Solvatochromic Ligand
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2411) Duy Le Cross metathesis of methyl oleate: An alternative route for converting renewable natural resources into valuable chemical products in oleochemical industry
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2070) Saharat - Techapanalai Divergent Synthesis route for Slaframine and Epiquinamide
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2687) Duangkamon Namborisut Directed Functionalization Strategy in Synthesis of Quinolizidine Alkaloids
Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2197) Rungrawin - Chatpreecha Synthetic study of Lycorine
Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2115) Kunita Phakdeeyothin Synthetic study of Hirsutine
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2287) Anuwut Petdum [5]Helicene-rhodamine conjugated as a new colorimetric and off-on fluorometric sensor based on FRET process for highly sensitive and selective detection of Hg2+
Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2166) Pornpat Sam-ang A new truxene derivative as highly selective turn-on fluorescent sensor for hydrogen phosphate
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Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry (OR) (ID2296) William Cunningham Selective, scalable batch and flow epoxidations of biorenewable terpenes for monomer and medicinal compound synthesis
Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID3069) Yenruedee Thiangjit Phase behavior of solid-liquid lipid mixtures studied by coarse-grained simulations
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Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID3211) Natee Sirisit What is the origin for Mechanochromism of Gold (I) complex (C6F5Au)2(μ-1,4-Diisocyano benzene) - Direct evidence for the presence of Aurophilic interaction.
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Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID3255) Ria Armunanto Structural And Dynamical Properties Of Myricetin – Tyrosine Kinase Complex In Water: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID3218) Kanokorn Sudto Target identification of hopeahainol C for antibacterial activity
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Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID1363) Yutthana wongnongwa Theoretical study on the catalytic reduction mechanism of NO by CO on Ag7Au6 cluster
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Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID1764) Pennapha Phiwngoen A DFT study on molecular interactions of MPTP and tyrosine
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Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID1859) Chirawat Chitpakdee Effects of Brønsted acid on the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with NH3 on over Ru-doped Ceria Catalystinvestigated by DFT method: Synergetic effect of Lewis acid and Brønsted acid sites
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Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID2554) CHOMPOONUT RUNGNIM Theoretical study of halogenated activated carbon for mercury oxidation
Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID2525) Manaschai Kunaseth Theoretical studies of metal deposited graphene for removal of airborne pollutants
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Physical Chemistry (PH) (ID2707) Taveechai Wititsuwannakul Mechanistic study of nickel 3-bis(adamantan-2-yl)imidazolin-2-ylidene catalyzed C-O bond hydrogenolysis of 2-methoxynaphthalene by a density functional theory
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID561) Panita Sumanatrakul Effect of K-oleate on Natural Rubber Latex Porous Film
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID596) Theeraphat Tanprasert Preparation of thermoplastic elastomer from natural rubber and polycaprolactone blend
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID394) Waraporn Wichaita Natural rubber-based hollow latex particles via one-pot seeded emulsion polymerization
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2988) Natthiti Chiangraeng Phase separation dynamic and morphologies prediction of PEO-b-PMMA block copolymer by atomistic and mesoscopic simulations
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID530) Kitipong Kiti Curcumin-loaded alginate/chitosan bilayer wound dressing
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1244) Nantharat Phruksaphithak Use of salt solution as porogen on the cellulose hydrogel from oil palm shoot
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1381) Suchinda Chotiradsirikun Rod-like template induced by a mixed surfactant system in montmorillonite
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID945) Sutthinee Keawmuangkham Improvement of recovery method of small rubber particles from skim natural rubber latex
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (IDO_011) Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen Fabrication and characterization of poly(ethylene glycol) grafted poly(vinyl alcohol) copolymer as energy storage material
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID358) Chayapa Weerapoprasit Preparation and properties of cassava starch grafted by methacrylamide (MAA)
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1521) Worraphol Nansu Effect of Coconut Residue Fiber to Biodegradable Composite Foam Based on Cassava Starch
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1449) Natthaphat Phothong Production and properties of bacterial cellulose using coconut water and an inferior honey
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1441) Panuwat Worasrihirun Properties of biodegradable plate from spent coffee grounds by compression molding
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1191) Kanyarat Sittipummongkol Encapsulated Neem Seed Oil Extract containing Azadirachta indica in Biodegradable Polymer for Release Characteristics and Insect Repellence
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1238) Namon Hirun Molecular association of tamarind seed xyloglucan in aqueous solution
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1367) Pongpat Sukhavattanakul Bacterial cellulose nanocrystals based surface-doped fluorescence for hydrogen sulfide sensor
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1369) Chompunut Wongsamut Structure – Property Relationship of novel thermoplastic polyurethane concentrated on the effect of hard segment content
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1567) Sukhonthamat Sonjan Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)/silk sericin hydrogel scaffold for dermal reconstruction
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1590) Cheynne Louise Gaddi Abelardo Modified polyurethane foam derived from liquefied coconut husk with incorporated nanoclay for oil adsorption
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2127) Christopher W. Bielawski Post-polymerization modification through direct C–H functionalization
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2124) Pongsathorn Kumkun Fabrication of electrospun nanofibers made from poly(vinyl alcohol)natural silk protein sericin
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2221) Sirinya Chantarak Preparation and characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol)/starch biodegradable film modified with silica nanoparticle
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID3253) Pimsaruta Sanprasert Reinforcement of Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber by untreated cotton fibre: Effects of Cotton Fibre Alignment and State-of-Mix
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2076) Komsan Juangjan Hierarchical reinforcement of as extract Neem seed oil in to polypropylene and polylactic acid binary blend composite for mulching film applications
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2000) Chalachmat Ekapan Utilization of rice bran oil fatty acid distillate as processing aid in carbon black filled acrylonitrile butadiene rubber compound
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1607) Akaporn Limtrakul Preparation and Properties of Graphite Oxide–Chloroacetated Natural Rubber Composites
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1684) Manmanut Srikaew Synthesis and characterization the biodegradable hydrogel of starch-g-polyacrylamide/polyvinyl alcohol for dye removal applications
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1982) Kittin Borkaew Influence of peroxide initiator on biodegradable blends between polybutylene succinate and poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1988) Nattakarn Yangcheepyuenyoodee Modification of bio-polybutylene succinate flexible films by poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate)
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1190) Chutikan Mhumak Development of modified cellulose based polypropylene and ethylene vinyl acetate composite for chilled food packaging
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1215) Chutikan Nakonkhet Four- and Five-coordinate aluminum complexes and their application in the ring-opening polymerization of rac-lactide
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2505) Chuanpit Khaokong Effect of hydroxyl telechelic natural rubber molecular weight and chain extender content on properties of waterborne polyurethane from natural rubber and poly(ethylene glycol)
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Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2482) Supatra Pratumshat Thermal and mechanical properties of poly(lactic acid) film with various additives
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1140) Sa-Ad Riyajan Biopolymer composite from carboxylated styrene butadiene rubber latex and cassava starch: Preparation and Properties
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2441) Prapassorn Sangarun Water-reducible binder based on acrylic-urethane alkyd resin
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2811) Wichsuda Tangsongcharoen Encapsulation of curcumin by styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer using microsuspension iodine transfer polymerization
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2949) Chuntip Sakulkhaemaruethai Effects of Nano-Titanium Dioxide (nano-TiO2) on Natural Rubber Properties
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID3044) Wilairat Supmak Kinetics and mechanisms of thermo curing reaction of poly(lactic acid-co-glycidyl methacrylate): DSC and FTIR analyses
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2939) Anwaraporn Suramitr A combined experimental and density functional theory study on structural and photophysical properties of polyaniline nanoparticles (PANi(np))
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2820) Seung Soo Park Synthesis of Polyolefin-Polystyrene Block Copolymers through Sequential Coordination and Anionic Polymerizations
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2430) Jaruwan Namjaiyen Effect of density on mechanical properties of nonstructural composites from pineapple leaf materials and water-based acrylic resin
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2453) Nutchanon Juntara-o-tan Preparation of biodegradable food packaging film from cassava thermoplastic starch and polylactic acid blend using homemade poly(vinylacetate-co-vinylalcohol) as a compatibilizer
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1038) Manus Sriring Effect of acid coagulation and antioxidants on storage hardening phenomenon of natural rubber
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2406) Sujittra Paenkaew Magnetic Nanoparticle Coated with Multi-responsive Copolymer Containing Thiolactone Acrylamide
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1110) Sirawan Kaewsikoun Novel drying process for natural rubber using FIR from Macca carbon
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1120) Narueporn Payungwong A model study on effect of proteins and lipids from natural rubber on adhesion between isoprene rubber and metal
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1878) Thuchayaporn Thuchayapukdee Water vapor barrier properties of nanofibrillated cellulose-rice bran wax based edible emulsion coatings
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID1099) Orawan Suwantong Fertilizer-loaded cellulose hydrogels derived from pineapple leaves
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2322) Watchanida Chinpa Effect of poly(methyl methacrylate-co-methacrylic acid) on the properties of poly(vinylidenefluoride)-based ultrafiltration membrane
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2350) Nanthawan Issaard Preparation and Properties of Hydrogel from Cellulose and Acrylamide by Gamma Irradiation
Polymer Chemistry (PO) (ID2389) Nattakan Kanana Curcumin film for aqueous based application.
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID630) Chanthappapha - Pluemphon Development of bacterial cellulose and polyaniline composite as dielectric gate material
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID925) Rujira Jitrwung Catalytic methanol conversion to hydrocarbons in batch reaction using solid acid catalysts
Renewable Energy (RE) (IDP_027) May Myat Khine Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous catalyst to produce biodiesel from crude palm oil
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID373) Buppa Shomchoam Development of palletization of magnetite solid sorbent for H2S capture
Renewable Energy (RE) (IDP_026) Lemthong Lathdavong Development of a real-time LabVIEW DAQ solar panel monitoring system using low-cost power, temperature and sunlight irradiation sensors
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID447) Kiatkong Suwannakij Pelletization of amine-functionalized sorbents for carbon dioxide capture
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2530) Piyawadee Saraphirom Enhancement of hydrogen production from sugarcane bagasse by Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumonia DSM 30104(T) using response surface methodology
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2627) Atchara Pisitwinyoo Bioethanol production from ball-milled and regenerated rice husk
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID228) Sasithorn - Kongruang Evaluation and Comparison of Biodiesel Possibility of Oleaginous Yeast
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2258) Yaowaret Maiket Experimental study on the performance of direct methanol fuel cell using novel composite materials of polypyrrole-coated polypropylene as bipolar plates
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID271) Thanaporn Maswanna Hydrogen production in Tetraspora sp. CU2551 under full-factorial N-, P-, and S-nutrients deprivation
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2724) Apisit Prokaew Heterogeneous catalyst doped strontium and catalyst pellet for biodiesel production
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2948) Jatuporn Parnthong Enhancement of enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials by nonionic surfactant
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2978) Piyanan Sreesiri Esterification of High Acid Value Oil by Carbon-based Solid Catalysts
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2852) Kritsada Ronyhut Effect of donor substitution and π-conjugated spacer to dye sensitized solar cell properties
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3326) Kanokkan Srinoon Nipa Sap fermentation without yeast addition
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2830) Tanuwat Larptansuphaphol Feasibility study of methane production from tire industrial wastewater treatment plant
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2255) Kannika Onyu Polypyrrole coated polypropylene composite by chemical polymerization as bipolar plates for direct methanol fuel cells
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2253) Krittanan Kadsanit Influences of fermentation and oxygen transfer conditions on ethanol production by Pichia stipitis TISTR 5806
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID1718) Pitchaya Zaejang Production a solid fuel from a trunk of dead oil palm tree
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID1798) Charndanai - Tirapanampai Catalytic pyrolysis of Chlorella vulgaris for bio-oil production
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID1708) Somchanok Sornara Effect of moisture of heterogeneous catalyst on esterification of free fatty acid contaminated in soybean oil
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID1602) Thitiwat Tanyalax Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production on Mixed Metal Nanoparticles
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID1557) Chayanun Amp Kobkam The alkali pretreatment and enzyme hydrolysis to enhance the digestibility of rice straw cellulose for microbial oil production
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID1919) Sirawit Witpathomwong Effects of carbon nanotube contents on viscoelastic properties and thermal stability of polybenzoxazine composites
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2134) Prachak Inkaew Methanol oxidation reaction of Pt catalyst on polyaniline support at elevated temperatures
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2123) Paritta Prayoonyong Impact of solvent toxicity on ethanol perstraction from fermentation broth
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2098) Pattamon Limsrimongkonchai Non-faradaic electrochemical modification of catalytic activity of propane oxidation at thin-film cell on alumina
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2062) Jirawat Imsaard Electrochemical promotion of catalytic activity for hydrogen production from autothermal ethanol steam reforming
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID2841) Yoothana Thanmongkhon Synthesizing biodiesel from high free fatty acids feedstock with supercritical methanol in micro-tubular reactor
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3317) Purachate Thenmanee Effects of water on hydrodeoxygenation reaction of bio-oil model compound over supported CoMo sulfide catalysts
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3323) Wellyana Puspitasari Sustainable and Low Cost Biodiesel Production using Modified-Paddy Field Snail Shell (Pila ampullacea) Catalyst
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3315) Thirada Rodseanglung Effect of catalyst supports on hydrodeoxygenation and hydrodenitrogenation of jatropha bio-oil derived fast pyrolysis
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3257) Thutiyaporn Thiwawong Piezoelectric nanogenerators based on metal nanoparticles-polyvinylidene fluoride nanocomposites
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3235) Paweekasit Sitthanawaitin Gaseous selective ratio of CeO2 -Bi2O3 Promoted Ni-based Catalysts for Glycerol Steam Reforming Process
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3324) Ana Taushiyah Preparation of ZrO2-SiO2 Bamboo Leaves ash Composit as Catalyst Sustainable Biodiesel Conversion of Oil Rice bran
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3318) Anan Jiratanachotikul Renewable Fuels from Catalytic upgrading of Jatropha Bio-oil by Hydrodeoxygenation
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3188) Teerawit Laosombut Co-Pyrolysis of Glycerol and Palm Empty Fruit Bunch: A Preliminary Study via PY-GC/MS
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3229) Napaporn Chancharoenlap Upgrading of Pyrolysis Eucalyptus Bio-Oil over Ni/Al2O3 Catalyst
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3125) Prodpran T. Siritheerasas Microwave Torrefaction of Moist Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Pellets with Addition of Char from Agricultural Residues
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3191) WONGNARA NGERNKEEREE The study of Li, K and Cs-zeolite 4A and 13X on etherification of glycerol to polyglycerols via microwave heating method
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3154) Sasiprapa Wilawan Fabrication of Platinum/Carbon Nanotubes Spray-coated on Carbon cloth for Microbial Fuel Cell
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3197) Nuth Sirirermrux Hydrogen-rich gas from steam gasificaton of municipal solid waste
Renewable Energy (RE) (ID3192) Jeerapan Tientong Characterization of glycerol-mannitol-silica-graphite PCM thermal storage unit for small scale solar dryer applications
UNU (IDUNU4) Sri Juari Santosa Review on the current status of POPs in Indonesia
UNU (IDUNU5) Hyeon-Seo Cho Distribution of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in waters, sediment and biota in Korea
UNU (IDUNUO_11) Pham Hung Viet Perfluorinated compounds in surface water, sediment and fish from two large lakes in Hanoi, Vietnam
UNU (IDUNU3) Babu Rajendran Ramaswamy Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in Indian rivers and human health risk assessment
UNU (IDUNUO_10) Ruchaya Boonyatumanond Monitoring of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in Surface Water, Sediment and Biota Samples in the Environment of Thailand
UNU (IDUNU1) Tetsuo Iida SSSSS Rapid analytical method for perfluorinated compounds in bottom sediments and biota using LC/MS/MS
UNU (IDUNU2) Jing Guo Perfluorinated compounds in a coastal industrial area of Ningbo, China
UNU (IDUNUO_5) Hyeon-Seo Cho Distribution of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in waters, sediment and biota in Korea
UNU (IDUNU7) Saiqa Imran Monitoring of Per Fluorinated Compounds in Surface Water Bodies of Pakistan
UNU (IDUNU6) Mustafa Ali Mohd Monitoring of Perflourinated Chemicals (PFCs) in Selangor and Langat River Basin, Malaysia
UNU (IDUNU8) Charita S. Kwan Initial Assessment of PFCs Inputs in Manila Bay and Laguna Lake, Philippines
UNU (IDUNU9) Hian Kee Lee Monitoring of Perfluorinated Compounds in Singapore Environmental Waters
UNU (IDUNU11) Pham Hung Viet Perfluorinated compounds in surface water, sediment and fish from two large lakes in Hanoi, Vietnam
UNU (IDUNU10) Ruchaya Boonyatumanond Monitoring of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in Surface Water, Sediment and Biota Samples in the Environment of Thailand
UNU (IDUNUO_1) Tetsuo Iida Rapid analytical method for perfluorinated compounds in bottom sediments and biota using LC/MS/MS
UNU (IDUNUO_2) Jing Guo Perfluorinated compounds in a coastal industrial area of Ningbo, China
UNU (IDUNUO_7) Saiqa Imran Monitoring of Per Fluorinated Compounds in Surface Water Bodies of Pakistan
UNU (IDUNUO_8) Charita S. Kwan Initial Assessment of PFCs Inputs in Manila Bay and Laguna Lake, Philippines
UNU (IDUNUO_6) Mustafa Ali Mohd Monitoring of Perflourinated Chemicals (PFCs) in Selangor and Langat River Basin, Malaysia
UNU (IDUNUO_4) Sri Juari Santosa Review on the current status of POPs in Indonesia
UNU (IDUNUO_3) Babu Rajendran Ramaswamy Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in Indian rivers and human health risk assessment
UNU (IDUNUO_9) Hian Kee Lee Monitoring of Perfluorinated Compounds in Singapore Environmental Waters
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